"Let’s inspire each other with our artistry so we can all grow creatively."


Growing up I never thought I would enjoy packaging and label design. But there is nothing like the feeling of picking up your creation and seeing it come to life.

Here are a few samples of my design projects. On my design page, you will find an expanded overview of all of my favorites and a few projects highlighted in detail.


Growing up in the ’70s and ’80s had a lasting effect on me, especially artistically. The freedom of disco, the power cords of Black Sabbath, the magic of Star Wars, the wonder of the Tom Baker’s Dr. Who on PBS and my amazement while watching the Creature from the Black Lagoon in 3D.

On my illustration page, you will see plenty of classics recreated in silkscreen, vector, digital as well as in acrylic paintings.


Cinco de Mayo was coming up and friends were asking me for my simple margarita recipe so why not. The start of something that will grow well beyond a video, animation, and sound editing sample, Jimmy’s Bachelor Chow Recipes. More fun recipes to come.


Zombie: Survival Infection the game of survival horror during the zombie infection for 2-6 players taking 30-90 minutes. You control of a group of the last humans fighting to stay alive during the zombie plague. The zombies are not the only threat to your survival, the other camps can be just as deadly as the undead.

Zombie: Survival Infection was created designed and illustrated by James S. Cole, live now on Kickstarter. Click to back the project.

Zombies Attacking Loose Board
Zombie Doctor gets his


Galleries, art shows, festivals, conventions, paint & drink, the release of a product packaging I designed. Here is where I will let you know once life gets back to normal. Until then you can always follow me on social media.

2023 Arts Goggle
Enjoying the day outside while setup at the Fort Worth Arts Goggle.

Brews & Brushes
Valentine’s painting at Kool Keg in Arlington. Painting what we love with those we love.